Aka Miso (Summer Miso Soup) Recipe

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Aka Miso (Summer Miso Soup) Recipe : Recipes 4U


Aka Miso (Summer Miso Soup) Recipe

Recipe Ingredients

6 cup ichiban dashi (recipe)
1/2 cup aka miso (red soybean paste)
1 aji-no-moto (msg)

Recipe Preparation

Place the ichiban dashi in a 2 quart saucepan and set a sieve over
the pan. With the back of a large spoon, rub the miso through the
sieve, moistening it from time to time with some of the dashi to help
force it through more easily.
Bring the soup to a simmer over moderate heat. Then remove from the
heat and stir in a small pinch of MSG.
Pour the soup into bowls, add misoshiru no-me (miso soup garnish -
see recipes) and serve at once. If the soup seems to be seperating,
stir to recombine it.
Miso soups are sweeter than other Japanese soups and usually are
served toward the end of a formal Japanese meal.
From: Time/Life Foods of the World - Japanese CompuChef conversion
by Rick Weissgerber, reposted by DonW1948@aol.com



Servings: 6




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Aka Miso (Summer Miso Soup) Recipe from the Recipes-4U Collection

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Aka Miso (Summer Miso Soup) Recipe

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