Apple Butter 3 Methods Recipe

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Apple Butter 3 Methods Recipe : Recipes 4U


Apple Butter 3 Methods Recipe

Recipe Ingredients

16 cup apple puree
1 cup apple cider
4 cup sugar, granulated
4 cup brown sugar
4 tsp cinnamon

Recipe Preparation

This same recipe can be used to make apple, grape, peach, pear or
plum butters. In general use 1 cup fruit pulp to 1/2 cup sugar.
Spice to taste and cook slowly. To make apple butter, use tart
cooking apples, not the sweet eating varieties. If sweet apples are
all you have to use, reduce the sugar by 1/3 to 1/2.
Wash, quarter and core the unpeeled fruit. Place in a heavy
kettle with just enough water to prevent scorching. Cook until soft,
stirring frequently, and press through a food mill. Mix ingredients
in a heavy kettle and cook over low heat, stirring frequently, until
thick. When ready, a spoonful put on a plate should hold its shape
and not 'weep' liquid around the edges of the mound after sitting for
five minutes. This usually takes about two hours of cooking but can
take as long as four, so plan this project for a day when you have
other things to do in the kitchen. Don't try and hurry the process as
the mixture can easily burn and burned apple butter is only good for
the compost pile. Stir frequently, and if possible use a 'heat
difuser' between the burner and the kettle.
Oven Method: Cook the fruit butter in a roasting pan in a 250 -
300 F. oven until thick; may take 6 to 8 hours. Stir occasionally.
It needs less stirring this way but uses take much more energy and
can be awkward to stir.
Crockpot Method: Put ingredients in crockpot and cook, uncovered,
for about 12 hours, stirring occasionally, until it passes the test
given above.
When finished, pack into jars per standard canning methods and
process pints 5 minutes or quarts 10 minutes in a boiling water bath.
Adapted from 12 Months Harvest, Ortho Books, by Linda Shogren



Servings: 10




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Food Tips of the Week

Losing weight

Drink more water. At times during a hectic day, you guess you are peckish but in truth you might only want a restorative glass of water or cranberry juice. The sensations of needing food and needing a drink are close, but one can result in a fat tummy and the alternative is ok.
Some lower carb diet tips:
* Know what is in your food Be sceptical of food packaging that boasts 'low carb' - check the real nutritional information on the rear of the tin or package. Many are only a little less and in some cases still greater than a competitors standard brand. Also, beware of 'low sugar' and 'low fat' labels - 'low sugar' doesn't always mean 'low carb' - often the carbs are just the same.

* Fiber is crucial Lowering the carbohydrates in your diet usually results in fiber reduction as well. Look at reduced carb recipes that are fiber-rich to redress this.

Superfoods containing carotenes
(includes paprika, turnip greens and winter squash)
These natural foods are rich in carotenes (alpha and beta) believed to play a major part in minimizing the risk of cancer, spefically cancer of the stomach. Many are low in calories, so should be a part of every weight loss program.

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Apple Butter 3 Methods Recipe

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