Dips Info (3 Of 9) Recipe

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Dips Info (3 Of 9) Recipe another great recipe from Recipes 4U


Dips Info (3 Of 9) Recipe

Recipe Ingredients

1 dips dictionary follows in t
1 (this is part 3 of 9)

Recipe Preparation

Chilling & Warming follows:
May of the dips call for chilling, to allow the flavors to marry (if
you try a mouthful right after mixing and then again after chilling,
you will be surprised at the difference). For the recipes, cover
the dips tightly and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. The dips can
also be made up to 24 hours in advance and refrigerated. Garnish
the dips after chilling.
When serving chilled dips, especially in the case of those with
mayonnaise or sour cream bases, it is a good idea to place the dip
bowl within a larger, shallower bowl filled with shaved ice. This
will maintain the optimal temperature and keep the dip from either
spoiling or separating.
Hot dips should be prepared on the stove top or in the oven
according to the directions. For serving, transfer the dip to a
chafing dish or fondue pot over a low warming flame. Be careful to
use only heat-resistant utensils.
The way in which you present your dips can make a highly personal
statement, rather like putting your signature on a finished work of
Dips are best served in glass or china bowls, which are free of the
acidity found in metal bowls. Lining dip bowls with lettuce leaves,
radicchio or endive leave, adds a nice touch as do the colorful
garnishes on top. Where it is not suggested as a particular
garnish, reserve a TBLS of one of the ingredients to place in a
dollop in the center or sprinkle over the top. Depending on the
ingredients in the dip, you can also sprinkle peels of carrot or
apple, shredded cabbage, chopped parsley, lemon zest, or shredded
cheese over your masterpiece.
Dippers, especially vegetable dippers that lend themselves to
fanciful arrangements are often placed in a star-burst pattern or
scattered on a platter in clusters. In either case, intersperse
dippers of varying colors and textures.
Always store dips in the refrigerator. Use only glass, china, or
plastic containers, as the acidity in metal bowls can alter the
color and taste of the dip. Seal tightly (airtight containers are
the best) to prevent the dip from absorbing other refrigerator
smells or turning crusty on the top. Stir before serving again.



Servings: 1




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Dips Info (3 Of 9) Recipe - more haute cuisine from Recipes 4u

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Dips Info (3 Of 9) Recipe

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