Chocolate Layer Pie -- Low Cal Recipe

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Chocolate Layer Pie -- Low Cal Recipe : Recipes 4U


Chocolate Layer Pie -- Low Cal Recipe

Recipe Ingredients

3/4 cup flour
1/3 cup melted reduced cal margarine
1/2 cup light whipped topping
1/2 cup light cream cheese, soft
1/4 cup confectioners sugar
1 package reduced cal pudding (4 serv)
1 cup skim or 1% milk

Recipe Preparation

1. Preheat oven to 350F. Combine flour and margarine in a 9" pie
plate, spreading flour mixture evenly over bottom of plate. Bake 15-
20 minutes, until golden. Remove from oven.

2. In a medium bowl, combine 2 Tablespoons of the whipped topping, the
cream cheese, and sugar; stir until smooth. Spread on top of the

3. In another medium bowl, whisk together the pudding, milk and 1/2
cup of water until smooth. Spoon on top of the cream cheese mixture.
Spread remaining whipped topping on top of pudding mixture. Refrig-
erate until ready to serve.

VARIATION: Try another flavor of pudding.

Source: Weight Watchers Magazine, Feb 1993

Per serving: 1 fat, 1/2 bread, 85 optional cal. Per serving: 154



Servings: 8




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Food Tips of the Week

Losing weight

Drink more water. At times during a hectic day, you guess you are peckish but in truth you might only want a restorative glass of water or cranberry juice. The sensations of needing food and needing a drink are close, but one can result in a fat tummy and the alternative is ok.
Some low carb diet pointers:
* Make reduced carbohydrate breadcrumbs for deep fried or oven baked foods. Although you can buy reduced carb breadcrumbs, you can make them yourself by simply using reduced carb bread. All you have to do is simply toast the low carb bread in a gas or electric oven on a cookie sheet. Once it is hard, whizz it in your food mill. To store, keep in a tupperware jar or container.

* Know what is in your food Don't trust food packaging that boasts to be 'low carb' - check the real nutritional information on the back of the package. A good number of are only slightly less and in some instances still greater than a competitors normal brand. Also, beware of 'low sugar' and 'low fat' labels - 'low sugar' doesn't always mean 'low carb' - usually the carbs are identical.

Flavonoid rich foods
(inlcudes citrus fruits, asparagus, garden pea & basil)

The compounds known as flavonoids discovered in these natural foods are thought by nutritionalists to have properties in preventing cancer.
Medical experts investigating the effects of flavonoids think that they may well have most other health giving capabilities, amongst them, anti-dermatitis and antioxidant properties.
Many also have a low calorie count, so should be included in every diet.

Chocolate Layer Pie -- Low Cal Recipe from the Recipes-4U Collection

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Chocolate Layer Pie -- Low Cal Recipe

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