Aloo Ko Achar (Potato Salad) Recipe

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Aloo Ko Achar (Potato Salad) Recipe : Recipes 4U


Aloo Ko Achar (Potato Salad) Recipe

Recipe Ingredients

1 lb potatoes, small size if possible
4 jalapeno peppers, optional, seeded, & sliced into long
1 lime, juice of
1 salt to taste
1/4 cup sesame seeds, roasted, ground, opt, ional
1 tsp tumeric powder
1 tsp cumin seeds
2 to 3 chilies, whole, dried
3 tsp corn oil, or mustard oil mustard gi, ves best flavor
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup coriander, fresh, chopped

Recipe Preparation

Boil potatoes in jackets. When done, peel & cut into small pieces. In
a suitable bowl, combine potatoes, tumeric, salt, ground sesame
seeds, lime juice, half of the green coriander and water and mix
thoroughly. In a small pan heat mustard oil until hot; add cumin
seeds and red chilies. Fry them until brown and then add jalepeno
pepper. Let it cook a minute or so. Pour it over potatoes in the bowl
and mix them thoroughly; garnish with remaining green coriander

SERVES: 6-8 SOURCE: Bhadrika Sharma, Bramalea, Ontario in _Ethnic
Eating: The Canadian Scene Cookbook_ (Canadian Scene is a news and
information service for Canada's ethnic media). posted by Anne



Servings: 6




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Aloo Ko Achar (Potato Salad) Recipe - more haute cuisine from Recipes 4u

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Aloo Ko Achar (Potato Salad) Recipe

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