An Absolutely Perfect Roast Goose + Recipe

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An Absolutely Perfect Roast Goose + Recipe from Recipes 4U


An Absolutely Perfect Roast Goose + Recipe

Recipe Ingredients

1 10 to 12 lb. goose either fresh or, frozen and thawed

Recipe Preparation

I have made a Thanksgiving goose every year for at least 15 years. I
have steadily gained on making the perfect bird but I finally found
the greatest recipe ever in Cook's Magazine. The divine part of this
approach to cooking the goose is that it employs some of the eastern
method of drying the skin which is used in Peking Duck. The skin
simply drops all its fat and leaves a crispy, dry, delectable skin
that folks fight over! No more rubbery, yucky goose skin full of fat!

A frozen goose is perfectly adequate. Have thawed 24 to 48 hours
before the meal (48 is better.) Prick the goose well all over,
especially on the breast and on the upper legs, holding the skewer
almost paralel with the bird so as to avoid piercing the flesh. Fill
a very large pot 2/3 full of water (pot should be large enough to
almost accomodate the bird) and bring to a boil. Using rubber gloves
submerge bird (neck side down) for 1 minute (till goose bumps arise.)
Repeat the process (this time with the tail side down.) Drain the
goose, breast side up on a rack in a large roasting pan and set in
the refrigerator, naked, to dry the skin for 24 to 48 hours.

When you are ready to roast the bird, on the big day. Make your
favorite stuffing. I made one in "94" that seemed to be well liked.
The night before Thanksgiving I cooked 1 1/2 cups (raw) wild rice in
about 5 cups of water. Drained and chilled overnight. In the morning
I added soaked, cut up dry shitake mushrooms along with their soaking
water with an egg beaten into it. A tablespoon of poultry seasoning,
a sauteed onion, plenty of salt and freshly ground pepper.

Now you salt and pepper the bird insdie and out, liberally. Preheat
the oven to 325 degrees while you are stuffing and sewing up the
bird. Place it in the oven in a roaster and on a rack on it's breast.
For a 12 1/3 lb. goose I needed a full 5 hours but this is quite a
large bird. Just close the oven and let it stay, undisturbed for 1
1/2 hours. After this time, take it out of the oven. Use a baster to
draw out the fat that has accumulated in the bottom of the pan
(schmaltz lovers, send up a cheer) You can strain this fat through a
coffee filter, putting the schmaltz in small bottles which keep very
well in the freezer for up to a year.) Turn the bird over on its back
before you put it back in the oven. put it back in for another hour
before you start checking for doneness. The recipe gave the best
advice on checking for doneness, at this point, that I have ever
seen. With a piece of terry rag, squeeze the upper drumstick (not
thigh) lightly. If it feels kind of squishy, like roast beef, it's
done. Every bird is different so you must judge when it is done. When
meat is done (be patient, it may take a while), raise the heat to 400
degrees. Remove roaster from the oven and transfer bird (rack and
all) to a jelly roll pan. Put it back in the oven for 15 minutes to
further crisp and brown the bird. Take it out and let it sit,
uncovered for a half an hour.

Regarding the roaster, after you remove the bird to a jelly roll pan
and put that in the oven, remove the fat from the roaster and put it
over 2 burners adding about 2/3 cup of dry sherry and deglaze the pan
with a wooden spoon. combine these drippings with your giblet broth
either to make a gravy or to use later for goose carcass, slow cooker

There is more on the subject, if you wish to know more check out the
Nov-Dec. issue of Cook's Magazine on pp. 6-8



Servings: 12




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An Absolutely Perfect Roast Goose + Recipe - Recipes 4u

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An Absolutely Perfect Roast Goose + Recipe

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