Autumnal Jalapeno Jelly Recipe

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Autumnal Jalapeno Jelly Recipe from the Recipes 4U Collection


Autumnal Jalapeno Jelly Recipe

Recipe Ingredients

1 cup red bell pepper
1/2 cup jalapeno pepper
5 cup sugar
1 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar


2 pouch liquid pectin
6 canning jars

Recipe Preparation

Remove stems veins and most of the seeds of peppers and chiles.
Adding the seeds of 1 jalapeno chile will not make the jelly

hotter since the sugar, the vinegar, and the cooking
process tame (most) all the chiles. The floatin
seeds in the jar add character.

Using the knife blade of a processor, mince the
peppers and chiles with quick on and off pulsations.

In a 5 qt. pot, mix the peppers, chiles, seeds sugar
and vinegar. Bring to a rolling boil and boil for
3 minutes. Remove from the heat and cool for 5
minutes. Add the 6 ozs of pectin (certo) and stir
continuously for 2 minutes. Allow the mixture to cool
for another 2 minutes and the stir again for 1 minute.
This stirring will distribute the bits of pepper
throughout the jelly. Pour into jelly jars that
have been strilized and seal immediatly with lids
that have been sterilized seperatly for 5 minutes.
Test seal, after cooling, with finger. If middle
pops up when pressed, jar is not sealed.



Servings: 1




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Autumnal Jalapeno Jelly Recipe

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