Ancho-Rubbed Game Hen Recipe

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Ancho-Rubbed Game Hen Recipe from Recipes 4U


Ancho-Rubbed Game Hen Recipe

Recipe Ingredients

6 ancho chilies -- dried
8 cup boiling water
2 tbsp garlic -- minced
1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp cilantro -- minced
2 cup cornmeal
2 tbsp curry powder
2 tbsp cumin -- ground
1 salt and pepper
2 rock cornish game hens
1 breast -- skinned and boned
1 cup olive oil

Recipe Preparation

Preheat the oven to 400F. Place the ancho chilies in a large bowl,
cover them with the boiling water, and soak them for 30 minutes to
overnight. Drain the chilies well, then remove and discard the seed
and stems. Place the chilies in a blender with the garlic, salt, and
cilantro. Puree and set aside.

Combine the cornmeal, curry powder, cumin, salt, and pepper and
spread in a jelly-roll pan. Spread the hen breasts generously and
evenly with the chili puree, then dredge them in the seasoned

Place a large saute pan or skillet over high heat,. add the oil and
heat until it begins to smoke. Add the hen breasts and cook 2 to 3
minutes, or until the topping is crisp. Turn the breasts, cook the
other side until crisp, then transfer the breasts to the preheated
oven to cook another 5 minutes, or until opaque throughout.

Recipe By : Bobby Flay, Mesa Grill/

From: Dave <davidg@clam.Rutgers.Edu> Date: 7 Oct 1996 13:21:50 -0600



Servings: 2




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Ancho-Rubbed Game Hen Recipe from the Recipes-4U Collection

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Ancho-Rubbed Game Hen Recipe

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