Cooking Breads & Cakes Recipe

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Cooking Breads & Cakes Recipe : Recipes 4U


Cooking Breads & Cakes Recipe

Recipe Ingredients


2 lb coffee can
1 lb coffee can
16 oz vegetable cans
6 cup mold, or 7 cups mold
1 1/2 qt baking dish

Recipe Preparation

There are a few tricks to remember when "baking" in one of these pots.
First, turn the control to HIGH (or to the setting which is
equivalent to the HIGH used in my recipes). The LOW setting is too
low to give breads and cakes the texture you expect. With breads,
remember to cover the container with a lid or foil. Tie the lid or
foil onto the container and place the container on a metal rack or
trivet inside the pot. If you don't have a metal rack or trivet to
fit your slow cooker, crumple foil and place it in the bottom of the
pot to support the baking continer. Pour 2 cups of hot water around
the container to provide steam for cooking the bread.

When using a deep-dryer type slow cooker, check frequently to make
sure the water hasn't evaporated. Add more water if needed.

As a rule, it is not a good idea to remove the lid or foil from the
bread container during the first 2 hours of cooking. After that,
check the bread by inserting a toothpick in the mixture. If the
toothpick comes out clean, the bread is done.

When using a standard cake mix, the prcedure is slightly different.
Cakes are "baked" in a pan set directly on the bottom of the slow
cooker, similar to the way you would do it in an oven. It is not
necessary to use a trivet or water. Instead of covering the uncooked
cake misture with foil or a lid, cover the top with four or five
layers of paper towels. Becouse there is more moisture in a slow
cooker than in an oven it is necessary to compensate for this with
the paper towels to help absorb the moist top of the cake mix. Also,
leave the lid of your slow cooker slightly open to let extra moisture

The type and kind of container to use for breads and cakes will
depend on the size of your pot. In addition to molds and coffee
cans, spring forms or small bundt pans make excellent containers.

The containers at the top hold approzimately the same amount of
batter so you can substitute one for another.

From:CROCKERY COOKERY by Mable Hoffman's

Formatted for MM by Janet Newcomer, JNewcomer1@Genie.Com or



Servings: 1




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Food Tips of the Week

Dieting tips

If you wish to become slim and boost your all round health, then, as any dietician will tell you, you really should eat a thoughtfully calculated sensible daily routine. At best, this should include five measures of grains and vegetables each day and also incorporate the right mix of important nutrients.
Some lower carb diet tips:
* Use soya flour or baking mix. When you need to use flour for baking, repalce it with soya flour or a bake mix such as Atkins soy baking mix. Most of the time, you can change your favorite recipes that use wheat flour to use these low carbohydrate alternatives.

* Use splenda instead of sugar. Most recipes that need sugar can be adapted to make use of a sugar replacement instead. It doesn't weigh the same so you will need to experiment a little and it might not work for every recipe, but it does bake up nice most of the time.

Foods containing allyl sulfides
( includes eschalot, chives and spring onions)

The onion and garlic family of foods is high in allyl sulfides, a chemical which experts believe may be linked to a reduced risk of stomach and colon cancer.
Although there is very little real proof published, allyl sulphides are also thought by nutritionalists to reduce symptoms with blood circulation, sterilization and diabetes.

Foods containing allyl sulfides are also low in calories, so should be included in your weight loss regime.

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Cooking Breads & Cakes Recipe

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