Tagine Of Okra & Tomatoes Recipe

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Tagine Of Okra & Tomatoes Recipe another great recipe from Recipes 4U


Tagine Of Okra & Tomatoes Recipe

Recipe Ingredients

1/2 lb okra
4 1/2 lb tomatoes, peeled, seeded & - choppe, d
2 tbsp parsley, chopped
1 1/2 tsp sweet paprika
1 tsp garlic, chopped
1 salt
3 tbsp vegetable oil

Recipe Preparation

Wash, top & tail the okra. String together with thread into a
"necklace". Over high heat, cook the tomatoes with the parsley,
paprika, garlic, salt & oil, mashing down the tomatoes as they cook.
After 10 minutes, lower the heat to medium, add the okra & begin to
poach iti n the sauce. From time to time lift up the necklace to
stir. After the okra is tender, remove & keep warm. Continue to
reduce the tomatoes until all the water has evaporated & the oil is
released. Fry the tomatoes in this released oil, stirring
continuously. Gently pull out the thread, place the okra in the
serving dish. Pour the sauce over the top. Serve hot or lukewarm.



Servings: 5




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Tagine Of Okra & Tomatoes Recipe from the Recipes-4U Cookbook

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Tagine Of Okra & Tomatoes Recipe

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