Ginger Soft Drink Recipe

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Ginger Soft Drink Recipe from the Recipes 4U Collection


Ginger Soft Drink Recipe

Recipe Ingredients

1 cup ginger root, fresh, peeled & grated
1 cup sugar
2 tsp cloves, whole
4 cinnamon sticks
1/2 cup lime juice, fresh or lemon juice
1 cup orange orange cool water

Recipe Preparation

"Many variations of homemade ginger beers (soft drinks) are brewed
all over subSaharan Africa. Fresh ginger makes a spicy drink, cooling
in summer, warming in winter and always refreshing and energizing.
Fruit juices other than the citrus called for below, make interesting
variations in its flavour. When using other juices, I always add the
juice of a couple of lemons or limes. This recipe makes a concentrate
that can be diluted with plain or sparkling water."

Pour the boiling water over the grated ginger root, sugar, cloves and
cinnamon in a large nonreactive pot or bowl (enamel, glass or
stainless steel). Cover and set aside in a warm place, in the sun if
possible , for at least an hour. Strain the liquid through a fine
sieve or cloth. Add the juices and water. Set aside in a warm place
for another hour or so. Gently strain the liquid again, taking care
not to disturb the sediment at the bottom. Store in the refrigerator
in a large nonreactive container. A glass gallon jar or jug works
well. Serve warm, chilled or on ice, either as is or diluted with
water or sparkling water. A squeeze of fresh lime juice in each glass
of ginger drink is "the cat's meow".

MAKES: 3 QUARTS OF CONCENTRATE SOURCE:_Sundays at Moosewood_ by the
Moosewood Collective



Servings: 3




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Ginger Soft Drink Recipe from the Recipes-4U Collection

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Ginger Soft Drink Recipe

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