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This recipe collection will save you money and impress those you care about.

After all, cooking is more than just providing nutrition for your family, right?


Don't spend dollars visiting that expensive restaurant, no need to consult your out-of-date and dog-eared cookbook, just :

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... and you will soon be cooking meals that surpise and delight your family.




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Ethnic Recipes

  • Asian Recipes : Our Asian recipes include Chinese, Indian, Korean and Thai cuisines.
  • Ethnic Recipes : World cuisines, cooking with that exotic touch.
  • Indian Recipes : Not just curry!, Indian cuisine is one of oldest and most varied in the world.
  • Irish Recipes : Ireland produces some of the best fresh food and some the best cooking too.
  • Mexican Recipes : Fajitas, Burritos and Enchiladas - a collection of Tex-Mex recipes.

Cheese, Egg and Dairy

  • Cheese Recipes : Our cheese recipes include everything from Cheddar to Mozarella.
  • Egg Recipes : Souffles, Omelets and Frittatas.

Fruit and Vegetables

  • Bean Recipes : Beans, lentils, peas and other legumes.
  • Kale Recipes : Kale offer great nutrition, low calories and a great taste.
  • Fruit Recipes : Includes Apples, pears, peaches, bananas and oranges.
  • Salad Recipes : Salads and dressings
  • Vegetable Recipes : The difference between a good chef and a great chef is how you cook the vegetables.

Nutrition and Diet Recipes

  • Diet Recipes : Weight loss doesn't need to mean eating boring food.
  • Diabetic Recipes : Meals for those with diabetes (also ideal for low carb or Atkins diets).
  • Healthy Recipes : Low in fat, high in vitamins and tasting great.
  • Low Carb Recipes : Low carb recipes ideal for the Atkins diet.
  • Vegetarian Recipes : A vegetarian diet is healthier than a meat based diet. These recipes show it can also be tastier!

Coming Soon - Great Advice on Meal Preparation



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Asian Recipes
Ethnic Recipes
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Fruit and Vegetables

Bean Recipes
Kale Recpes.
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Nutrition and Diet Recipes

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