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About Red Mulberry Recipe from the Recipes 4U Cookbook


About Red Mulberry Recipe

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How to Recognize: The only mulberry native to Canada, it is a short-
trunked deciduous tree under 30 feet in height. The bark is reddish
brown, separating in long, flaky plates. The yellowish green leaf
blades are large, up to 5" long, widest below the middle and have
hairy undersides. They are simple with pointed tips and the stems are
long with 3 prominent veins at the base of each leaf. Male and female
flowers are borne in separate clusters appearing with or before the
first leaves. The fruits are dark red to black compact aggregates
which resemble blackberries.

White mulberry is an Asian tree whose foliage is used for silkworm
feed and has been introduced as an ornamental and is an escapee
throughout eastern North America. It has lustrous smooth leaves and
whitish or reddish fruit.

Where to Find: Southernmost Ontario in moist, rich soils often mixed
with other hardwoods.

How to Use: Harvest easily by spreading sheets under the tree and
shaking the branches gently. Juicy and sweet when ripe; delicious
raw, in fruit beverages, or in baked desserts. Alone or in
combination with acid fruits such as gooseberries or cherries. Can be
frozen or dried like raisins. Use as in blackberry and raspberry

WARNING: Be careful not to eat raw fruit before it is ripe. Unripe
fruit and the milky sap in the leaves and stems are toxic and can
cause gastric upsets. The leaves and stems may also cause dermatitis
if touched by susceptible individuals. From: Edible Wild Fruits and
Nuts of Canada,
published by the National Museums of Canada,
ISBN 0-660-00128-4

Posted by: Jim Weller



Servings: 1




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About Red Mulberry Recipe

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