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Grain Recipes from the Recipes-4U Cookbook


Grain Recipe Index

  Armenian Barley & Yoghurt Soup
  Arpagyongy Kremleves (Cream Of Pearl Barley S
  Ash-E Jow (Iranian Barley Soup)
  Autumn Barley Stew
  Baked Barley
  Baked Barley Bannocks
  Barley & Almond Stuffed Squash
  Barley & Bean With Fresh Mint (Vegan) 1
  Barley & Mushroom Pilaf
  Barley & Pine Nut Casserole
  Barley & Pine Nut Casserole 1
  Barley & Vegetable Pie
  Barley Bannocks
  Barley Basics
  Barley Bread
  Barley Casserole
  Barley Casserole #1
  Barley Casserole #2
  Barley Casserole Or Richard+
  Barley Cheese Soup
  Barley Corn Bread
  Barley Muffins
  Barley Mushroom Casserole (Vegan)
  Barley Mushroom Dressing
  Barley Mushroom Soup (Vegan)
  Barley Pilaf With Peas
  Barley Pudding With Lamb
  Barley Risotto With Roasted Tomatoes & Nico
  Barley Risotto With Shrimp Eggplant
  Barley Salad
  Barley Soup
  Barley Soup Casserole
  Barley Soup With Ham
  Barley Stew
  Barley Stuffed Green Peppers
  Barley Stuffed Peppers
  Barley Vegetable Casserole
  Barley Water
  Barley Water (18th Century Recipe)
  Barley With Chicken And Onions
  Barley With Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Scallions
  Barley With Vegetables (Cooked In A Rice Cook
  Barley With Vegetables (Cooked In A Rice Cooker)
  Barley-Amaranth Waffles
  Barley-Buttermilk Soup
  Barley-Oat Crackers
  Basics: Barley
  Bit-O-Barley Stuffing
  Bits-O-Barley Cranberry Dessert
  Bits-O-Barley Polenta
  Bori Cha (Roasted Unhulled Barley Water Tea)
  Breakfast Barley
  Chaddesden Barley Water(English)
  Crockpot Barley
  Crockpot Vegetable Barley Soup (4 Pts)
  Engadiner Gerstensuppe Engadine Barley Soup
  Engadiner Gerstensuppe Engadine Barley Soup
  Freezer Mix Barley Soup
  French Ham And Barley Soup
  Fried Barley
  Hearty Vegetable Barley Soup
  Hungarian Barley Stew
  Iron-Rich: Barley Soup
  Italian Barley (Vegan)
  Italian Barley Soup
  Lemon Barley Water
  Live-Well: Barley Supper Salad
  Low-Fat Winter Barley (2 Pts)
  Mediterranean Barley Salad
  Nutrient-Rich: Creamy Pearl Barley & Vegeta
  Olde English Barley Bread
  Paula's Vegetable Barley Stew With Lentils
  Pearl Barley Salad With Broccoli
  Roasted Herb Barley
  Roasted Herb Barley - Plhol
  Scotch Barley Broth
  Sherried Barley Soup
  Simple One-Loaf Barley Bread
  Soup Of Barley & Vegetables
  Vegetable Barley Soup With Mint
  Vegetarian Barley-Vegetable Soup
  Warm Barley-Vegetable Salad
  Wheat & Barley Bread
  Winter Vegetable & Barley Soup
  All About Buckwheat
  All About Buckwheat!
  Braised Buckwheat Kernels
  Buckwheat Applesauce
  Buckwheat Bake
  Buckwheat Bread
  Buckwheat Cakes
  Buckwheat Cooking Hints
  Buckwheat Cooking Hints!
  Buckwheat Crepes With Onions Apples & Che
  Buckwheat Crepes With Potato & Mushroom Fil
  Buckwheat Flatbread
  Buckwheat Groats
  Buckwheat Molasses Bread
  Buckwheat Pancakes
  Buckwheat Pecan Pancakes For Camping
  Buckwheat Pretzels
  Buckwheat Scrapple


Grain Recipes - more fine recipes from Recipes 4U

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Food Tips of the Week

Dieting made easy

When deciding on a weight loss program, it is essential to try to restrict your intake of salt, fat and refined carbohydrate.
The case against reduced carbohydrate diets
Its popular as hell, but it is truly safe and healthy for you?
The majority of the negative side effects stated, such as tiredness, bowel disorders, or headaches seem to pass quickly, but critics contend that low carb diets are not without permanently harmful side effects.
Remember, one point that is usually overlooked, it is damned hard (though by no means impossible) for vegetarians to adopt a reduced carb diet.
Superfoods containing flavonoids
(inlcudes olive oil, brussels sprouts, soy and chamomile)

The flavonoids which exist in these types of food are thought to have properties in helping to prevent cancer.
Experts investigating the medical effects of flavonoids suspect that they could have many other health giving properties, amongst them, anti-viral and antitumor properties.
Most also have a low calorie count, so make sure you add them to your weight loss regime.




These Grain recipes came to us from our own collection and public domain sources. Of course, with in excess of 50,000 recipes it would be a massive culinary exercise to cook every recipe on our web site, so please take care, and double check everything before cooking that special meal and don`t trust the information implicitly. If you spot any mistakes, please tell us.


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