Buckwheat Cooking Hints Recipe

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Buckwheat Cooking Hints Recipe from the Recipes 4U Collection


Buckwheat Cooking Hints Recipe

Recipe Ingredients

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Recipe Preparation

Cooking Hints! When cooking whole kasha or whole buckwheat groats,
it's unnecessary to use an egg to coat the kernels. The thin seed
coating on whole buckwheat shields each kernel while it cooks,
keeping particles separate and fluffy. Egg white works just as well
as whole egg, when cooking fine, medium or coarse kasha. On these
granulations of kasha, the thin seed coatings are cracked. Use an
egg, egg white or egg substitute to 'seal' each particle and keep
starch granules from sticking together. Follow package directions.

For fluffy kasha and tender groats, boiling hot liquid gives the best
results. Broth-homemade, canned or from a bouillon cube or powder-
adds more flavor than water.

Cooking times vary for fine, medium, coarse or whole kasha. Follow
times on package, keep heat low, and don't lift the lid to peek!
Buckwheat flour is a baker's delight. Make tender pastry crusts and
rolled cookies. If you rework dough, it won't be tough--because it's
gluten-free. For the same reason, pair buckwheat flour in cakes,
muffins and yeast breads. Without some gluten for support, these
might collapse.

You can order buckwheat products from:

The Birkett Mills PO Box 440 Penn Yan, NY 14527 FOOD AND WINE CLUB



Servings: 1




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Some low carbohydrate diet pointers:
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* Fiber is essential Cutting the carbohydrates in your meals usually leads to reduction in fiber as well. Look out for reduced carbohydrate recipes that are fiber-rich balance the equation.

The brassica family, Wonderfoods that aid Your diet
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Buckwheat Cooking Hints Recipe from the Recipes-4U Cookbook

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Buckwheat Cooking Hints Recipe

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