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Vegetarian Recipe Index

  Spiced Carrot & Orange Soup
  Cucumber Logs Filled With Black & Gold Humm
  Cucumber Filled With Avocado Pesto
  Stuffed Cucumber Rings
  Tofu Ranch Dip
  Romesco-Style Roasted Pepper Dip
  Easy Sunflower Pate
  Double Melon Soup
  Fruity Gazpacho
  Grilled Portabellas
  Split Pea Hummus
  Eden Hummus
  Creamy Mushroom Soup (Atlas)
  Stuffed Mushroom Caps
  Stuffed Mushroom Caps (Wagner)
  Stuffed Mushrooms (Veg Times)
  Toasted Almonds
  Garlic Buttered Nuts
  Grapefruit Cocktail (Vegan)
  Tempeh Party Spread (Temspr)
  Tempeh Salad
  Sri Lanka Murukku Deep Fried Dumpling
  Dill Pickles (Hunt)
  Hot Dill Pickles
  Gorgonzola & Sage Pizzas
  Fruit Soup (Veg Times)
  Vinaigrette Of Braised Soup Veggies
  Tofu Anti-Pasto
  Dandelion Salad With Mustard Greens Vinaigret
  Gazpacho Salad Mold With Avocado-Lime Mayonna
  Tempeh Sandwich
  Deep Fried Tofu With Plum Sauce
  Tofu Soup With Lemon Grass
  Elegant Chestnut Soup
  Fast Miso Soup
  Garlic Soup (Veg Times)
  Hot & Sour Soup 3
  Sorrel & Haricot Soup
  Sorrel Borscht
  Soup Of Barley & Vegetables
  Soup Of Chick Peas
  Split Pea Soup (Brown)
  Tibetan Vegetable Soup
  Vegetable Soup (Jung)
  Vegetable Soup (Santa Maria)
  Deep-Fried Tofu With Peanut Sauce
  Tofu Dip
  Vegan Pate
  Crisp Split Peas
  Dabo Kolo (Crunchy Spice Bites)
  Fried Vegetarian Spring Rolls (Cha Gio Chay)
  Galloping Horses -- Vegetarian Version
  Garlic & Chickpea Dip
  Garlic Broth
  Ginger Broccoli Soup
  Gutap - Kazakh Deep-Fried Herb Fritters
  Hearts Of Palm
  Sesame Soup
  Sesame Yam Sticks
  Split Pea Pate
  Steamed Chickpeas
  Tagine Of Chick Peas With Aromatics
  Tempeh Chips With Dipping Sauce
  Toasted Pita Chips
  Vegetarian Pot Stickers With Dipping Sauce
  Crockpot Applesauce With Cranberries (Vegan)
  Glutinous Rice & Bananas
  Falafel (Basic Recipe)
  Sebze Bastisi (Vegetable Stew - Turkish)
  Vegan Eggnog
  Cranberry Ginger Tea
  Ginger Soft Drink
  Grapefruit Carrot Cocktail
  Edensoy Shake
  Fruit Shake (Non-Dairy )
  Soy Nog
  Vegan: Bread Pudding
  Cranberry-Bran Muffins
  Cranberry Upside-Down Muffins
  Vegan: Meatless Loaf
  Flame-Toasted Whole-Wheat Tortillas
  Cha Gio Chay (Fried Vegetarian Spring Rolls)
  Dandelion Flower Fritters
  Fig Square
  Injera (Ethiopian Flat Bread)
  Simple Orange Muffins


Vegetarian Recipes - more fine recipes from Recipes 4U

You can now stop spending your hard earned cash on high-priced recipe cookery books or high meals in posh restaurants, just find and print the recipe that meets your requirements and start preparing great meals to amaze your family in the convenience of your own home

Food Tips of the Week

Dieting made easy

One useful tip is to drink plenty of water. From time to time at some stage in a hectic morning, you guess that you want a snack but in fact you might just need a refreshing glass of water or orange squash. The feelings of needing food and needing a drink are quite similar, but one of the two can lead to a broken diet and the other is ok.
The case against reduced carbohydrate diets
Its all the rage, but it is truly safe and healthy for you?
Eating more animal-based products might lead into high consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol, which a good number of authorities believe will increase the risk of coronary disease.
Although there is some anecdotal evidence that suggests that reduced carbohydrate diets can help with your weight loss program, some of this some anecdotal evidence has caused controversy among nutritionists, and their relative safety has been challenged
Healthy foods with carotenes
(includes parsley, kale and tomato puree)
These plants are rich in the carotenoids believed to play a role in helping prevent cancer, spefically cancer of the lungs. The majority of these also have a low calorie count, so should be a part of every diet.




These Vegetarian recipes are collected from submissions from site visitors and open source collections. Clearly, as we have more than 50,000 recipes in our cookbook it would be a massive culinary exercise to prepare and test every recipe, so please take care, and double check everything and don`t trust the information implicitly. If you spot any mistakes, please tell us.


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