Farmers Cabbage With Smoked Sausage (Boerenk Recipe

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Farmers Cabbage With Smoked Sausage (Boerenk Recipe from the Recipes 4U Collection


Farmers Cabbage With Smoked Sausage (Boerenk Recipe

Recipe Ingredients

6 good sized potatoes
1 bunch of kale (to fill a 2 qt. pot)
1 lb smoked sausage
3 tbsp butter or margarine
1 salt and pepper

Recipe Preparation

Peel, cook, and mash potatoes. At the same time, chop kale finely,
cook untill tender. Dice and cook sausage. Put kale into a blender
with enough of the cooking water to make a thick slurry. When done,
add to the mashed potatoes. Add cooked sausage. Add butter. Salt and
pepper to taste. Mix well and serve piping hot. For a more festive
apprearance, put into a cassarole dish, garnish with slices of Oude
Gouda (Old Gouda) or a medium cheddar and sprinkle with paprika.
Place in medium oven until cheese melts and begins to brown. Then
serve or take to your pitch-in.

Don't sell the kohl crops short. Try collards and savoy. They are
still doing quite well in the garden despite 15 F. temperatures
lately. Savoy is a joy to eat at Yule. The frost seems to sweeten and
intensify the flavor. Our annual homemade sauerkraut is making its
presence known by the merry burbling of the water-seal crocks in the
utility room. This is the best time of the year to make kraut. It is
cool and the fermentation takes a longer time, leaving the salted
sour cabbage as crisp as the bright windy day in October it was put

We are lucky to have antique apple trees. Three bushels of mixed
russets are slumbering in the garage and will last until spring. Fie
on the Granny Smiths and Red Delicious! A Golden Russet or Ashmeads
Kernel, peeled and sliced, served with a wedge of sharp cheddar at
your side on a winter evening while reading a good book is one of
lifes great luxuries.

Rereading this post makes me hungry. No I'm not going to crack open a
fruit cake! They are not ready for another month. Besides, my
nocturnal rustlings are not always appreciated around here, except
for the ever present cats who always look for a handout. The coffee
is ready though and I think I remember where Frances stashed some
homemade cookies.

'Scuse me!



Servings: 6




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Farmers Cabbage With Smoked Sausage (Boerenk Recipe Index

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Farmers Cabbage With Smoked Sausage (Boerenk Recipe

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