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Healthy Recipes from the Recipes-4U Cookbook


Healthy Recipe Index

  Low Cal Cocoa Mix
  Low Cal Curried Rice
  Low Cal Graham Crust
  Low Cal Macaroni Bake
  Low Cal Pumpkin Cheese Pie
  Low Cal Seasonings
  Low Cal Strawberry Chiffon Pie
  Low Cal Whipped Topping
  Low Calorie Blue Cheese Dressing
  Low Calorie Brown Scones
  Low Calorie Chinese Cabbage: Nixon
  Low Calorie Clam Dip For Vegetables
  Low Calorie Dill Dip
  Low Calorie Dressing Mix
  Low Calorie Irish Colcannon
  Low Calorie Irish Trifle Cups
  Low Calorie Lemon Bavarian
  Low Calorie Lemon Bavarian From Kaitlin Young
  Low Calorie Lemonade
  Low Calorie Low Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies
  Low Calorie Salsa
  Low Calorie Saucy Cubed Steak
  Low Calorie Seven Layer Salad
  Low Fat Bran Muffins (Ovo Lacto)
  Low Fat Cranberry Squares - <t>
  Low Fat Creme Caramel
  Low Fat Dip Bases
  Low Fat Gravy
  Low Fat Lentil Chili
  Low Fat Low Cal Chicken Cacciatore
  Low Fat Oatmeal Cookies
  Low Fat Pasta Salad
  Low Fat Peanut Butter Cookie
  Low Fat Pepper Steak From Carol Creel
  Low Fat Popcorn Cookies
  Low Fat Pork Chops
  Low Fat Pumpkin Cookies
  Low Fat Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies
  Low Fat Raspberry Cheesecake
  Low Fat Recipe Modification
  Low Fat Rocky Road Brownies
  Low Fat Seafood Stew
  Low Fat Seafood Stew I.e.s.jjgf65a
  Low Fat Snickerdoodles
  Low Fat Spice Cookies
  Low Fat Spicey Chicken Wings
  Low Fat Taco Dip
  Lowfat Chicken Stock
  Lowfat Eggnog
  Lowfat Fettuccine Alfredo
  Lowfat Fettuccine Alfredo With Asparagus
  Low-Fat Healthy Chili In Crockpot
  Lowfat Lamb Recipe
  Lowfat Molasses Cookies
  Lowfat Muffins
  Lowfat Pesto
  Macaroni Bake Low Cal
  Mashed Potatoes (Low Fat)
  Mint-Chocolate Truffles (Lowfat)
  Modified King Ranch Chicken -Low Fat
  Moussaka - Low Fat
  Olive Garden Heart Healthy Chicken Pasta
  Potato Pancakes (Latkes) (Healthy Heart)
  Potato Soup (Low Fat)
  Rob Weller's Healthy Chicken Fajitas
  Salsa Low Cal.
  Spinach Pie (Fat Free) Well Relatively Speak


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You no longer need to spend money on high-priced recipe cookery books or pricey dining in over-priced restaurants, just find and print out the recipe that meets your requirements and commence preparing great food to delight your family in the comfort of your own home

Food Tips of the Week

Dieting tips

In deciding on a meal plan, it is essential to also make sure you cut down your ingestion of refined carbohydrate, fat and salt.
The argument against low carbohydrate diets
Its all the rage, but it is truly safe and healthy for you?
Remember, one fact that is frequently overlooked, it is very hard (although not technically impossible) for vegetarians to take up a reduced carbohydrate diet.
Moreover, it has been hypothesised that the kidneys may become stressed and that the related change in acid levels in the blood can result in bone loss, but some of the medical studies trying to test the theory have failed to find evidence of damage to the kidneys or loss of bone.
Foods containing allyl sulfides
( includes pickled shallots, white onions and green onion)

The alliaceae range of vegetables is rich in allyl sulphides, a chemical which experts believe may be linked to a reduced risk of stomach and colon cancer.
Even though there is very little scientific proof at hand, allyl sulphides are also thought by nutritionalists to reduce symptoms with colds, arteriosclerosis and diabetes.

Foods containing allyl sulfides also help you lose weight, so you should add them to your weight loss program.




These Healthy recipes come from submissions from our readers and public domain sources. Obviously, as there are more than 50,000 recipes in the cookbook it would be a seriously difficult task to try out every single one, so please take care, and double check everything and plan carefully. If you spot any thing that looks wrong, please tell us.


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