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Dessert Recipes from the Recipes 4U Collection


Dessert Recipe Index

  Angel Pie
  Angelica Tartlets
  Anglesey Cake - Cacen Sir Fon
  Anglesey Cake(Welsh)
  Angoor Ka Sherbet
  Angus Barn Chocolate Chess Pie
  Anise Meringue Kisses
  Ann Fowler's Toffee Crunch Cake
  Annella Campbell's Company Cake
  Annette Funicello's Peanut Butter Chocolate C
  Annie Mae Jones' Coconut Cake
  Annie Mae Jones' Sponge Cake For Strawberry S
  Any Flavor Pudding Pie
  Anything's Better Than Sex Cake
  Anytime Cake
  Apple & Almond Macaroon Pudding
  Apple & Caramel Pudding
  Apple & Rum Custard Cake
  Apple Blossom Cake
  Apple Brandy Cake
  Apple Brownies
  Apple Cake
  Apple Cake (Kathy Cooks)
  Apple Cake (Steamed)
  Apple Cake In A Jar
  Apple Cake Supreme
  Apple Cake With Cinnamon
  Apple Cake With Cinnamon Sauce
  Apple Cake With Icing
  Apple Cheesecake
  Apple Cheesecake Elegante
  Apple Cider Pound Cake
  Apple Cinnamon Cake
  Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake
  Apple Coffee Cake
  Apple Coffee Cake Cyberealm
  Apple Crumb Cake
  Apple Crumb Cake (Mrs.entemann's)
  Apple Crumb Coffeecake
  Apple Crunch Coffee Cake
  Apple Crunch Ice Cream
  Apple Crunch Pie With Cinnamon Ice Cream
  Apple Dapple Cake
  Apple Date & Walnut Cakes
  Apple Dump Cake
  Apple Nut Cake
  Apple Nut Coffee Cake
  Apple Or Plum Cake
  Apple Pastry Squares
  Apple Pear Cake
  Apple Pie Bars
  Apple Pie Cake
  Apple Pie Caramel Almond
  Apple Plate Cake(Scottish)
  Apple Raisin Walnut Cake
  Apple Sauce Cake :::gwhp32a
  Apple Sauce Fruit Cake
  Apple Slice Cake
  Apple Snack Cake
  Apple Spice Cake
  Apple Spice Custard Cake (From Borden)
  Apple Streusel Coffee Cake
  Apple Swirl Cake
  Apple Tarts With Ice Cream Part 1
  Apple Tarts With Ice Cream Part 2
  Apple Up & Down Cake
  Apple Upside Down Cake
  Apple Walnut Cake With Apple Cider Glaze
  Apple-Almond Coffee Cake
  Apple-Maple-Caramel-Cream Pie
  Apple-Nut Pound Cake
  Apple-Pecan Upside-Down Cake
  Apple-Rhubarb Dump Cake
  Apples With Caramel Sauce
  Applesauce Breakfast Cake
  Applesauce Cake
  Applesauce Cake (Ob'l Dunkes Kucka)
  Applesauce Cake 1
  Applesauce Cake Baked In A Jar
  Applesauce Cake In Jars
  Applesauce Cheesecake
  Applesauce Cupcakes
  Applesauce Date Cake
  Applesauce Walnut Cake
  Apple-Walnut Upside Down Cake (Nyt)
  Apricot Almond Coffeecake
  Apricot Amaretto Cake
  Apricot Brandy Pound Cake #1
  Apricot Brandy Pound Cake #2
  Apricot Cake Bars
  Apricot Cheesecake (No Bake)
  Apricot Chocolate Bread
  Apricot Coffee Cake
  Apricot Crumbcake
  Apricot Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream
  Apricot Ice Cream
  Apricot Nectar Cake
  Apricot Nectar Cheesecake Tart
  Apricot Nectarine Cake By Charlotte
  Apricot Pound Cake
  Apricot Rum Cake
  Apricot Sc Pound Cake
  Apricot Upside Down Cake
  Apricot White Chocolate Walnut Scones
  Apricot-Cardamon Bars & Apricot Icing
  Apricot-Walnut Strudel Cookies
  Arizona Pecan Chocolate Rum Pie
  Arkansas Cheescake
  Arkansas Cheesecake
  Arm & Hammer Chocolate Chip Banana Bread
  Armagnac Prune Cake
  Armenian In-Law Dessert
  Armenian Nutmeg Cake
  Artichoke Pie
  Artichoke Tart In Walnut Pastry
  Artichokes Truffle Style
  Artillery Pie
  Asparagus Cake
  Asparagus Mousse
  Asparagus Tart
  Asparagus-And-Emmenthaler Tart
  Atholl Brose Tart
  Auberge Hanfield Pie
  Aunt Eva's Fast Butter Cake
  Aunt Franny's Cheesecake
  Aunt Jean's Yule Cake


Dessert Recipes from the Recipes-4U Cookbook

You can now save money on premium price recipe books or costly nights out in swanky eating establishments, all you have to do is discover and print out the recipe that meets your requirements and you will soon be preparing good food to amaze your family in the comfort of your own kitchen

Food Tips of the Week

Dieting tips

In deciding on a meal plan, it is essential to also make sure you cut down your ingestion of refined carbohydrate, fat and salt.
Some reduced carb diet tips:
* Know what is in your food Don't believe food packaging that claims to be 'low carb' - check the nutritional information figures on the back of the can or packet. A good number of are only marginally reduced and in some instances still greater than a competitors normal brand. In addition, beware of 'low sugar' and 'low fat' labels - 'low sugar' doesn't always mean 'low carb' - often the carbs are exactly the same.

Cruciferous vegetables, Super foods that also help your Dieting
(examples: Broccoli, Broccoli, Mizuna and Napa)
Altthough not always popular with children, these are rich in vitamins (folate and vitamin c), minerals (selenium and potassium, amongst others), fibre, chlorophyll and antioxidents.

Over and above their numerous other beneficial effects, some of these nutrients are believed by experts to reduce the risk of cancer.




These Dessert recipes come from visitor submissions and public domain sources. Of course, as there are over 50,000 recipes in our cookbook it would be a massive culinary exercise to prepare and test every single recipe, so please exercise caution and don`t trust the information implicitly. If you spot any thing that looks wrong, please tell us.


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