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Salmon Recipe Index

  Cheese & Salmon Bagel Ww
  Salmon Rolls With Cheese Sauce
  Smoked Salmon & Asian Cucumber Salad Rolls
  Salmon Loaf Supreme With Cucumber Sauce
  Salmon Turnovers Puffs
  Macaroni Salmon Loaf
  Salmon Loaf With Horseradish Sauce
  Salmon Loaf With White Sauce
  Potato Crepes With Scallops Salmon & Aspar
  Potato Crepes With Scallops Salmon & Asparagu
  Potato Crepes With Scallops Salmon & Asparagus
  Potato Crepes With Scallops Salmon & Asparagus
  Baked Salmon Rolls
  Basic Best Salmon Loaf
  Old Fashioned Salmon Loaf
  Pacific Salmon Loaf
  Peas 'n' Salmon Loaf
  Piquant Salmon Rolls
  Salmon Loaf
  Salmon Loaf Ii
  Salmon Loaf With Creamed Peas
  Salmon Rolls
  Salmon Surprise Loaf
  Salmon Tomato Loaf
  Salmon Vegetable Loaf
  Salmon-Spinach Loaf
  Smoked Salmon & Brie Pizza
  Bagel Toppers 3
  Chive Potato Pancakes With Smoked Salmon & Go
  Chive Potato Pancakes With Smoked Salmon And
  Smoked Salmon On Potato Pancakes With Horsera
  Smoked Salmon On Potato Pancakes With Horseradish Cream
  Alaska Omelette
  Salmon-Filled Puffy Omelet
  Smoked Salmon & Dill Waffles
  Salmon W Cabbage Chestnuts & Bacon
  Salmon With Cabbage Chestnuts & Bacon
  Salmon In Cabbage Leaves
  Fish Steamed In Napa Cabbage - *P Cooking Cla
  File' Gumbo Lafayette
  Salmon Cakes Or Muffins
  Lazy Salmon Cakes
  Oven Salmon Cakes
  Salmon Cakes
  Salmon Cakes W Basil & Lime Mayo
  Salmon Fish Cakes
  Moroccan-Style Salmon With Couscous
  Caviar Kisses
  Cheese Please Casserole
  Christmas Casserole
  Mona's Salmon & Corn Casserole
  Salmon Souffles
  Salmon Potato Casserole
  Salmon Casserole
  Salmon Dijon Casserole
  Salmon-Corn Casserole
  Mediterranean Seafood Casserole
  Crepes With Salmon Filling
  Salmon Patties With Lemon Cheese Sauce Dnsr31
  Grilled Salmon & Cheddar Sandwiches
  Smoked Salmon Crispy Bacon & Maytag Blue Cheese Salad
  Cheesy Salmon Supper
  Salmon & Blue Cheese Pate
  Salmon Cream Cheese Spread
  Baked Smoked Salmon & Feta Cheese En Croute
  Cheesy Fisherman's Grill
  Salmon Cheesecake
  Hunan Style Salmon Chili
  Grilled Oriental Fish Steaks
  Steamed Salmon With Black Bean Sauce
  Potato Crisps With Sour Cream & Caviar
  Mixed Seafood Grill In Corn Husks
  Salmon Corn Scallop
  Salmon Corn Chowder
  Salmon Mousse W Cucumber Dill Sauce (Untried)
  Salmon Steaks With Cucumber Dill Sauce
  Poached Salmon With Cucumber Sauce
  Poached Salmon With Cucumber Sauce For 2
  Poached Salmon With Cucumber-Dill Sauce
  Salmon & Cucumber Sauce
  Salmon Patties With Cucumber Sauce
  Smoked Salmon & Cucumber Tramezzini
  Salmon-Rice Pie With Olive Sauce
  Salmon Tartar With Avocado Vinaigrette
  Salmon-And-Olives Tartar
  Cipate Au Salmon (Layered Salmon Pie)
  Country Salmon Pie


Salmon Recipes Collection from Recipes 4U

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Some lower carb diet tips:
* Dietary fiber is essential Cutting the carbohydrates in your meals often leads to fiber reduction as well. Look out for low carbohydrate recipes that are fiber-rich to redress this.

Foods containing carotenes
(includes paprika, mangos and winter squash)
These colorful foods are rich in carotenes thought by doctors to play a role in helping prevent cancer, spefically cancer of the stomach and lesophagus. Many also have a low calorie count, so should be included in every diet.




These Salmon recipes have been assembled from submissions from our readers and open source collections. Of course, with over 50,000 recipes in our cookbook it would be a seriously difficult task to prepare and eat every recipe on our website, so please exercise caution and plan carefully. If you spot any thing that looks wrong, please let us know.


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Salmon Recipes from the Recipes-4U Cookbook